Thursday, February 3, 2011

*Sunny Winter Day and Cows*

Hello Friends,

  I went for a wonderful walk in the snow and sunshine today.  Everything was so bright and beautiful, it felt good to be exercising outside!  I saw turkey tracks in the snow, there were hundreds of turkey tracks and I have never seen so many.  I live in the country which can be inconvenient for shopping, but great for seeing turkey tracks, or COWS.   I hope you enjoy my photos...

Top of the hill

Country road

My shadow again

Snow bank

Snow drift

Turkey tracks


more tracks

Bull or heifer?

See you next time

Have a good day cows!

*My kitties tracks in the snow*

Hope you liked these, and have a good day!


  1. Oh wow! You have heaps of snow over there :O I'm so jealous. If I look outside it looks like it's autumn :( it's very windy and it rains a lot.
    And what adorable cows!
    Enjoy your wintery landscape :)

    Take care,

  2. How great to hear from you Nienke! Thankyou, I am enjoying and tomorrow we are getting another storm. Between 4-7inches, (I'm sorry I don't know how to convert to metric). It is a bright sunny day again and the snow looks so pretty in the light. I hope you get some.
    I'm glad you like the cows! Have you made anything recently? I just finished a wall quilt, I'll be posting pics of it soon.

    Talk to you soon, *Dia

  3. Beautiful shots!!! That is so cool seeing the Turkey tracks..I'm assuming they are wild turkeys?!? And I LOVE COWS!!! And the fact that they are outside the barn is awesome. Nothing makes me sadder of hearing of cows that are not free to roam. They are not the big, dumb animals that people think.

    I long to live in the country. That is definitely where I want to buy a house. We are in the city right the next couple years once we figure out where to move, we will certainly buy one in the country. So peaceful. I need and crave nature..and don't feel I get it enough. I always feel so at peace and re-energized when I go to the country.

    Hope you have a great Weekend!!

  4. Hi, thank you. Yes they are wild turkey tracks. I think cows are more intelligent than people give them credit for also. They are smart enough to be friendly and curious. And they don't mind being photographed. One did kick out though, it kind of took me off guard but then I just had to laugh and back away from the fence a little.
    I will try getting more photos of them for you. Thats great you want to buy a home in the country, I hope you find just the right property with some land so you can have plenty of animals!

    Talk to you soon, and have a terrific weekend, Dia*


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