Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February!

  Well bye bye January and hello to February, the month of love.  To all my blogging valentines out there...Happy Valentines Day a little early.  I have some photos here of my ladies and another snow stroll for you.  I hope you enjoy...

Miss Molly

Gretel Garbo


Neighbor's Barn

Sky through the trees

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.


  1. Your ladies are stunning. What a trio of sweets!!
    and I always adore your outdoor photos. :D
    I take photos often too but seem to be lazy about uploading with my busy schedule. soonsoon.

    We have a storm hit here tooo...but not enough to have the day off. :( while I love my job with the pooches. I would love a day to just sleep in..sigh..off I go..
    talk soon..

  2. Thankyou, my ladies are sweet. They are enjoying the treat of white albacore tuna now that my husband found on sale. He got four cans of it, saying some might be for us but I think they will get it all!
    I hope you get a big snow storm soon so you can sleep in!!

    lol, Dia


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