Monday, February 21, 2011

*Cabana Kitty*

Hi everybody,

  Cabana Kitty is dreaming of some warmer times.  Can somebody get her that margarita she ordered?.....



Molly in cube

The *Cats* wish you and yours a marvelous Day!


  1. Aaw, what lovely cat tents do you have! I think my cats would love them! Maybe I have to buy one for them. Your cats look very happy in their tents :)

    Have a nice day!


  2. Believe it or not I bought the tent at Walmart. Yes I do shop there, because they do have good prices on things. You probably dont have Walmarts in the Netherlands, right?
    I will see if the tent has a label with the name of the maker on it. If I find it I'll let you know so you can order it!

    Take care, Dia*

  3. so sweet. i wish i was bundled in a cube sleeping right about now. hahaha.

    sorry i haven't been visiting. i am SO BUSY!!! with packing, cleaning, moving. start to move stuff tomorrow evening and on friday. takes a lot out of you. can't wait til we're done!!!

    gotta run...take care...

  4. Good Luck with your move. I can't wait till you are done with your move, so you can get some rest. I'll ask Molly if she minds sharing her cube with you!
    Great to hear from you!!! *Dia*

  5. Thanks for visiting my WW post. Love your cats! I happen to have 5 of my own :) It's funny how they each have their own unique personality.. The world's a better place with a cat or two around!

  6. Thank you for stopping in and commenting. Please come back now and then, I try to stay active as a blogger.
    Yes the world is much better with cat!!!


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