Monday, January 17, 2011

*52nd Annual Ice Carnival*

Hello fellow bloggers and friends,

  I have made an attempt at photographing the fifty second annual ice carnival of Livingston Manor.  The sun and clouds had a dual today, it was very cold as well only in the low twenties with a biting wind.  But I did manage some good photographs.  It was a wonderful icy day...enjoy!

Snow sculpture, 3rd place

Snow sculpture, 1st place

Snow sculpture, 4th place

Snow sculpture, 2nd place

Dog sleds




Free Hot Dogs!

Dog sledding

Draft Mule Rides

Lovely Day

The Ice King and Two Queens

Ice Princess

Ice Dancing

Leprechaun Girl


  1. AMAZING!!! What cool photos you!
    I adore action shots..and those figure skating ones are priceless. You are good!
    That carnival looks so much fun.
    I'm sorry I'm just writing now. I find it hard time sometimes for blogging..I work two jobs and always seem to be working..hehe, at least I love my jobs.
    anyhoo gotta run, but I just Love the photos!!!

  2. Thankyou. It was a fun day. The skaters always put so much into their performances. I'm critical of my photos, I want to get clearer sharper images. That just takes good equipment, and practice, so I'll keep trying.

    Thank you again, it is always good hearing from you, Dia


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