Friday, April 1, 2011

*Happy 12th Birthday to Sassy & Gretel!*

Happiest of Birthdays to my sweet friends, Gretel and Sassy!!  They were born twelve years ago on April Fools day, 1999.  They were the cutest little kittens!  If I can find their kitten pictures I will post them.  I made this birthday card for them today in the photoshop program.  I hope you enjoy their party Hats!


  1. I hope they had Wonderful Birthdays!!! I don't know the dates of mine unfortunately cause they were from the shelter as kittens, I just have approximates. Mine are aged 5 & 4. the years fly!

  2. Gretel and Sassy say thank you. I am making a lap quilt for them as a birthday gift. When I am finished with it, I'll post a photo on Dia *Designs* I also gave them salmon for their birthday!


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