Sunday, April 3, 2011

*First flowers*

My crocuses have finally appeared!  Spring is a wonderful time, everything is waking up.  It has been another tough Winter here, but it finally looks like Spring is here.


  1. YAY!!! Pretty, pretty. I love Spring. I really appreciate and enjoy at this point in my life more than ever. I love the smells and watching everything grow. So amazing.

  2. Me too. I went for a walk today. It was in the mid-60's, and sunny. Just the air has such a fertile smell with everything coming to life again. Take care and thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi Dia!

    We already had our first crocus flowers! It's now time for tulips and daffodils here. I love your pictures anyway :)! How's the weather in NY now? Here it is lovely spring, well almost summerish weather. Enjoy the spring :)!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Nienke. I just posted some daffodil photos for Easter. The weather is a bit on the chilly side here. Thanks for visiting, take care*


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