Friday, August 12, 2011

Murphy Creek Hike Photos

Hi everyone,

  Here are some photos I took as I walked 12.8 miles along the Murphy Creek trail.  I hope you enjoy these photos!

Marvelous Clouds!

Glorious Day

To Ansel

Steppin Out!

Trail lined with rocks

Glorious Light

To Ansel

Lodgepole pine needles

Trail junction

Stormy weather

McGee Lake

Trail sign with mileage



Jacobs Ladder

Moss on granite


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous shots!!! I love taking photos while going for a hike. Nature is so beautiful and soooo good for the soul.
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I have been more absent than's hard to get back into blogging when you stop for awhile. I hope I get back into it full again, I love it so.
    Just enjoying the summer and time away from computer for now.
    Take Care!

  2. These are some very Nice and Worth Feeling Photos I like them a lot Keep up the Good work....!!!

  3. Thank you, Saqib. I'm happy that you enjoyed my photos, take care, and I promise to keep up the good work!


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