Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love Grows Here!

Howdy everyone,

  The first day of Summer is approaching, and there is so much abundant growth in my lakeside forest that I can't resist sharing some of it.  Please send an e-mail or comment if you enjoy my photos, and I hope this entry finds all my friends and family happy and well!

Berry blossoms

Snow on the Mountain

Sweet William


It does!

Wild daisies

Sassy and Molly

My first Kimberly cherry tomato!

Silver Fir Tree cherry tomato.

Japanese Iris

Lovely foxglove

Little Miss Gretel.

Thank you for walking through my forest wonderland with me!!


  1. I just love your photos! Looks like you live in a very beautiful! I cannot wait to someday live out in the country a bit.
    Hope all is well...busy as ever on my end..vacation soon...phew...:)

    Take Care...

  2. I'm glad you enjoy my photos, I enjoy nature photography especially flowers! I can't wait till you live in the country too, not many places to shop but the scenery and the quiet is nice.
    I hope you have a great vacation!
    Take Care*


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