Saturday, May 28, 2011

*Honda Shadow*

  Hi everyone,

  We went for our first ride together yesterday!  It's been sixteen years since we last rode together.  It was a thrill!  I hope you enjoy these...


  1. awww....Great Photos!! This you and hubster?!
    I dream of riding a bike someday. I have only been on one 2 maybe 3 times and Adored it! I laughed so hard the first time because I felt so was a strange sensation cause I'm so used to being in a car.
    Hope you had fun biking! I need to get a new bicycle first and then I'll maybe start planning on a motorbike. ;)

  2. Yes, me and my man! You should ride. I saw a nice bike today, a Yamaha "Star", I wanted it even though I don't know how to ride one.
    We are having great times cruising around the countryside, my other half could teach me to ride, so maybe I'll get a motorbike someday!


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